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Search Engine Optimization Company India, Internet Marketing Company India
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Internet Marketing Services India, Search Engine Optmisation Company India, Website Promotion India
Internet Marketing Company India, Web Promotion India, Search Engine Optimisation SEO Services  India
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SEO Services  India, Search Engine Optimisation SEO Comapany  India
Search Engine Optimisation : Internet Marketing
SEO and Internet Marketing India

When people type the most popular search word for your business into Google, does your business appear straight away in the first page or do potential customers only see your competition?

Internet Marketing Company India, SEO India
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Many people assume that by submitting their website to a list of search engines, they will automatically achieve high search engine rankings and reap the rewards. The reality is that successful websites require strategic preparation and ongoing support to stay ahead of the competition.

offer a wealth of expertise to suit any business in promoting websites using advanced search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques that achieve high search engine results.

Webworld Makers are fast becoming a renowned internet marketing company in India and . We have expertise in web promotion, search engine Optimisation, search engine top ranking, search engine positioning, internet marketing and web marketing.

We have helped companies to achieve top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for keywords carrying a costs of thoindiands per month.

The process of internet marketing itself is vital in today's business society. Not surprisingly, marketing in recent times has taken on a completely new media avenue, which has more power and effect than any other traditional marketing avenues. If you have not established a high visibility on the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, then you probably are not receiving the online awareness that your business needs to succeed.

Obtaining the visibility however is no longer easy. This is where house the skills and experience that will push your business forward to success.

Web Clinic
The whole concept

For a set cost per month we'll give you a full consultative approach and build a strategy each month to beat your competitors. In today's competitive world, it's not sufficient to limit yourself to standardised offerings. That's why we have our Web Clinic. We implement all web marketing tools to your website to ensure we avail the best results. Unlike most other search engine services our team provide you with a complete service that is a must for long term results and gain. It's not good enough now to simply rely on Search Engine Optimisation.

How does it work?

Step 1: Diagnosis
The first step in any case is to evaluate your existing website, unless of course you don't have one yet. During this first step we see how your website is doing on the Search Engine Rankings. Our SEO experts will thoroughly check the status of your website, after which we will then research your industry for a list of key phrases that will generate high amounts of targeted traffic for your website. During this time our experts will devise a plan for the optimisation process.

Step 2: Now the SEO starts
Once we have checked your website and its' status. We will then begin to optimise your website both on page and off page. Below are some techniques we use during the whole process:

  » Free SEO Consultation regarding selection of right keywords
  » Design and Development of SEO friendly websites
  » Dynamic Content Optimisation
  » Keyword Research
  » Link Building & Popularity
  » Search Engine Optimisation of the internal link structure
  » Systematic Hand Submission to major web directories
  » Reciprocal Link Building
  » Re-optimisation and adjustments to keep you at the top

Our Search Engine Experts will provide ongoing consultancy to advise you of any new changes that should be made to further improve your website's chances.

Monthly Progress Reports

You will be kept informed throughout with the progress of your website. We believe in keeping you informed and involved. Each month we will send you a report of progress of the website, this will include information of what has been done to your website and the status of the search engine rankings. You will come to see day by day your number of visitors will increase.

See what we have achieved for out clients
CheapTickets is a leading seller of leisure travel products through its Web site. Our Optimisation process helped this website to achieve top rankings on india for the most competitive keywords in travel sector.
View Website Click Here To Check Current Top Rankings
Netcarats is Online Jewelry Shopping Cart offering diamond jewelry. This website is ranking on top of Google (US, India, Canada, Brazil, India, and several other countries) carrying a PPC cost of around $108,000 USD/Month.
View Website Click Here To Check Current Top Rankings
Crystal Palace is a India based online gaming website which is ranking on top of (india), and (india) for keywords carrying a PPC cost of more than $35000/Month.
View Website Click Here To Check Current Top Rankings
InterPoker is india based fastest growing gaming website in the world. Our Optimisation process helped this website to achieve top rankings within a short span on (india).
View Website Click Here To Check Current Top Rankings
Quicken Loans is one of the largest home loan lenders in india. Our Optimisation process helped this website to achieve top rankings on major search engines including Google, Yahoo & MSN.
View Website Click Here To Check Current Top Rankings
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